Hello Puppas and Pawrents! 


Welcome to Haus of Woof - THE place to be for fun, stylish, cute and gift-able pet accessories for your doggo! 
Our inspiration behind Haus of Woof is our handsome Cockapoo - Teddy, who at the time was 8 weeks old when the light bulb moment went off.
Teddy Cockapoo
I don't think I'm alone when I say that it's every new pawrents rite of passage to set off on a trip to your local pet store once you've welcomed your new puppy into your life. Like we needed another excuse to go shopping? But that's what we did. When we arrived I couldn't help feel underwhelmed by the selection that was available to us, none of the cute fun pieces I had imagined were available and the the prices were not budget friendly either. 
Feeling deflated we left empty handed and started brainstorming what designs we would love to see on Teddy. Then...light bulb moment!! If we couldn't find these items and designs already we would create them ourselves...and so
Haus of Woof was born!
We have worked really hard to create designs that are unique to anything else out there that are both fun and also classic. Whether it's a gift to yourself or to your bestie, we also wanted to ensure all your packages from us are gift-able. We hope you love them as much as we do!! 
So please follow us on our journey over on Instagram @hausofwoof_ and check out our site. 
Lots of love
Charlotte and Teddy - Haus of woof x 
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